U.S. Presidential Election Poll Results - 10/30/04
Source: Pew Research Center - http://people-press.org

This array of graphs shows U.S. presidential poll results collected by the Pew Research Center between September 8 and October 30. Each time-series graph displays data for a different demographic group. Red datapoints show the percentage of sampled registered voters who would vote for President Bush, and blue datapoints show the percentage of people who would vote for Senator Kerry.

Largest changes: Catholics, seculars, and people under 30 or with income < $20,000.

Oct 19: Kerry's strongest gains: Catholics, income < $20K, education high school or less, age 50 to 64, moderate/liberal Republicans.
Bush's strongest gains: Blacks, income $20K to $30K.

Oct 30: Bush reverses Oct 19 gains by Kerry. Bush's strongest gains: income > $75K or < $20K, education some college, high school, or less; ages under 30 and 50 to 64; moderate/liberal Republicans; Protestants; Catholics.
Kerry's strongest gains: Blacks, non-Whites, seculars.