DataMontage Demonstration - Graphical Patient Summary Views

Select patient:

This example shows all ICD9, medications, and lab data for 8 patients. You can use the DataMontage graph/timeline subset feature to view clinically-meaningful subsets of each patient's record.

To invoke the subsets feature, right click over the graphical display and select "Select Subset" from the context menu. In the pull-right menu, select "Select Container Subsets" to show the subset of patient data that is relevant to patients with hypertension or diabetes. Select "Select Module Subsets" to show a subset of the timelines in the module that the mouse is over. For example, if the mouse is over the ICD9 module, the user can select the timelines that correspond to different ranges of ICD9 codes that each correspond to a different disease area. Select "Select Timeslines/Graphs" to select individual timelines to be displayed in the module.

To enter a clinical note:
  1. Enter the note in the text field at left.
  2. Click below to associate the note with a clinical variable (timeline) and point in time.
  3. Press  
The note will appear in the list of notes on the right. Click on a note to highlight the timeline and point in time.