DataMontage Example
Air Force Wargame Simulation Summary

This collection of timelines summarizes significant events that were generated by an experimental wargame simulation system. High-density graphical summaries help wargame developers understand the time course of events during each simulation run to help assess and compare the strengths and weaknesses of different strategies. Simulation time in seconds is shown along the horizontal axis. Names of blue force assets are displayed in blue and names of red force assets are displayed in red. Simulation time in seconds is shown along the horizontal axis.

Click on each timeline's label to display a key that explains each type of symbol used in the timeline. To see additional information about the event represented by each symbol, move your mouse over the symbol. To expand or collapse modules (sets of graphs and timelines), click on the solid triangles along the left margin.

When you click on a timeline, red, blue, or green vertical reference lines are drawn through all timelines (and graphs) to help you correlate events displayed in different timelines. For example, you can draw reference lines to match up friendly FA18's engaging the enemy (shown as cross-shaped symbols in the Air Asset Missions module) with the destruction of enemy targets (shown as red and blue diamonds in the Hostile Command posts module).

As you move your mouse, the software displays the time difference between the reference line and the current mouse position. To draw additional reference lines, select the right click menu choice "Fix reference line" to make the current line "sticky". Then, click your mouse at other significant timepoints.


This graphical report was generated by the DataMontage(TM) data visualization system.