DataMontage Example
Diabetes Patient Summary

DataMontage displays can contain multiple modules arranged in a variety of formats. In this example, the Glycemia module and BP, Lipids module each show four time series graphs. Circular symbols show values in normal range, upward triangles show high values, and downward triangles show low values. Horizontal blue lines show target blood chemistry values, and blue, yellow, and red regions help users compare data values to reference ranges that indicate hypertension and diabetes at various levels of severity. The Complications, Meds, and Labs modules show events and qualitative data values within vertically stacked timelines.

When a user clicks on a graph, vertical time references lines are displayed in all graphs to help compare and correlate different variables and events at the same time.

Users can show or hide each module by clicking on the triangle next to the module’s label. This feature is useful for controlling which modules are displayed next to one another and for selecting subsets of modules to display when not all modules can fit in the display area simultaneously.

Try the interactive version. (Requires Java.)

Click here for additional information about DataMontage, including interactive example graphs.