visualization of complex time-oriented data


DataMontage™ is a Java software library and collection of interactive software applications that enable you to create and display information-dense, interactive graphical displays comprised of coordinated timelines and time-series graphs. You can stack graphs and timelines vertically or arrange them in rows and columns to see patterns spanning many variables, individuals, or subsets. Flexible control over the color, shape, and size of graph and timeline symbols lets you encode multiple attributes and highlight significant data points. Colored lines and background regions help you compare data points to reference values, ranges, and time intervals.

The DataMontage Editor enables you to create graphical displays or display templates interactively. Your Java applet, desktop application, or web server application can embed the DataMontage run-time library to configure the content and format of DataMontage display objects via Java application programming interface (API). In addition, programs written in any language can configure DataMontage displays by creating Extensible Markup Language (XML) files. The extensive DataMontage API and JavaScript support enable you to create custom user interactions.

Customer Testimonials

Social Science
2008 Presidential Election Poll Data by State live demo screen capture
2004 Presidential Election Poll Data by Demographic Group live demo screen capture
U.S. Economy live demo screen capture
Education Statistics by State (bubble charts) live demo  
Poppy Cultivation vs. Year by Afghan Province live demo screen capture
Change in Support for Same Sex Marriage by State Between 2004 and 2011 live demo  

Health Care

Graphical Patient Summaries live demo     
Patient Summaries (w/ hierarchical timelines) live demo  
Diabetes View live demo    screen capture
Liver Tests/Drugs Timeline Summary live demo screen capture
Blood Pressure Time Series Graphs live demo screen capture
Weight vs. Age Chart (up to 36 months of age) live demo screen capture
Weight vs. Age Chart (years 2 to 20) live demo screen capture

Planning and Scheduling

Planning U.S. Navy Ship Upgrades live demo screen capture
Ship Upgrades (w/ hierarchical timelines) live demo  


Air Force Wargame Simulation live demo screen capture

System Monitoring

Computer Server Farm Data live demo screen capture
Integrated system schematic and graphs live demo  

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing Statistical Process Control Chart live demo screen capture
Semiconductor Wafer Map live demo screen capture

Graphical Features

Time Series Symbol and Line Types live demo screen capture
Reference Lines and Regions live demo screen capture
Timeline Intervals and Data Points live demo screen capture

Before viewing the live demos, please install Java.

If you are unable to install the Java Plug-in, you can still view static screen captures of DataMontage displays by clicking on "screen capture". Note that some browsers like Internet Explorer v6 will reduce the size of image files automatically to fit on the screen.  To view the full-size image using Internet Explorer 6, move your mouse over the image, wait for a resize button to appear, and then press it. Or, click a corner of your browser window and drag it to increase its size.

Additional Information

Applied Clinical Trials - Tools for Clinical Trials Professionals

DataMontage is embedded within Oracle's Empirica Study On Demand product to present graphical patient profiles. DataMontage is also embedded within the Pharmacovigilance Defense Application System (PVDAS), a drug safety data mining system developed for the U.S. Army Surgeon General's office, to display information-dense graphical summaries of individual patients and patient cohorts.

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