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Students learn concepts and skills more quickly when they receive one-on-one instruction. Stottler Henke develops intelligent tutoring systems that provide the benefits of one-on-one training -- automatically and cost-effectively. These systems encode the subject matter and teaching expertise of experienced instructors, using artificial intelligence (AI) software technologies and cognitive psychology models.   We have developed dozens of systems that provide practice-based learning for K-12 education, corporate training and professional development, and military training. (Customer testimonials).

For additional information, read Intelligent Tutoring Systems: The What and the How, Intelligent Tutoring Systems Technologies for Military Training, or the Powerpoint presentation: Intelligent Training Systems.

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Success Stories

AAIRS: After Action Review for Combined Arms Training
Developed for the U.S. Marine Corps, this system spots errors during simulated mission execution and helps assemble after-action debriefings.   more...

TAO ITS Evaluates the Tactical Performance of Naval Officers
This tutor evaluates and coaches tactical action officers as they use sensors, weapons, and speech-based communications within a free-play naval tactical simulation. The graphical authoring tool lets instructors create new scenarios and define student performance assessment algorithms and simulated behaviors of friendly and enemy forces without programming.   more...

Embedded ITS for Unmanned Vehicle Control
This ITS trains tactical decision-making skills for command and control of distributed networks of unmanned vehicles and sensors, by evaluating student performance in simulations, delivering immediate feedback, and automatically generating after action reviews.   more...

ComMentor: Socratic Tutoring for High-Level Command Skills
ComMentor emulates expert Army instructors by evaluating students' solutions to tactical scenarios and then engaging students in a Socratic tutoring dialog to enhance their command reasoning skills.   more...

FBCB2 Usage, Tactical Planning and Execution
This simulation-based tutoring system teaches tactical decision-making and the usage of the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) digital C4I system.   more...

ITS for the Battle Command Tactical Decision Game
This tutoring system critiques the student's tactical plans and evaluates their execution when using the Battle Command tactical decision game, to generate automated after action review (AAR).   more...

Analyzing Undersea Acoustic Data
The Acoustic Analysis ITS (AAITS) lets Navy sonar technicians practice the analysis of undersea acoustic datasets to detect and classify submarines. The authoring tool lets experts create scenarios intuitively, by annotating datasets using a graphical user interface.   more...

SimVentive: Rapid Development of Training Games
This toolkit enables designers of instructional ("serious") games to create multimedia training simulations and to define the behavior of characters and objects that populate those simulations, all without programming.   more...

SimBionic: Rapid Development of Intelligent Simulation Behaviors
This intelligent agent toolkit enables software developers to incorporate intelligent behaviors within military training simulations, computer games, and other interactive simulations quickly and easily, using a graphical authoring tool.   more...

SimCore!™ (Simulate, Coach, Review) is an innovative tool for rapidly creating and deploying intelligent simulations to support distance learning in the area of healthcare.   more...

Task Tutor Toolkit (T3) for Technical Training
This modular intelligent tutoring shell and authoring tool lowers the cost of creating scenario-based tutoring systems that teach technical skills such as using hardware and software systems and following procedures and guidelines.   more...

Counter-Intelligence Information Analysis
This constructivist learning environment lets students practice analyzing raw intelligence information about terrorist organizations and installation threat assessments.   more...

Helicopter Cockpit Operations
This scenario-based training simulation lets helicopter crew members practice the use of a new instrumentation in simulated missions such as anti-submarine warfare and search and rescue.   more...

ReadInsight: An Intelligent Tutoring System for Adult Literacy
This computer-based tutor teaches reading comprehension skills to adults by assessing and diagnosing their specific reading skill deficiencies and tailoring its instruction accordingly. It includes an authoring tool that enables course designers to rapidly customize course content to suit the interests of the target audience.    case study : product

Adaptive Instruction for Helicopter Pilots
AIS-IFT is an adaptive intelligent tutoring system that coaches student helicopter pilots during simulation-based training exercises.   more...

Multimedia Patient Simulator and Intelligent Tutor
METTLE simulates interactions with patients and medical teammates via language, interactive graphics, and forms.   more...

MPICE Training - Managing Progress in Conflict Environments
This system teaches facts, concepts, strategies, and analytical skills needed to use the MPICE framework, a catalog of about 800 metrics for assessing the progress and success of stabilization and reconstruction missions.   more...


12.16.09 Stottler Henke Wins $9M Navy Contract to Enhance PC-Based Simulation for Training Helicopter Crews
10.1.09 Stottler Henke Announces Positive Study Results for its ReadInsight™ Reading Comprehension Software Tutor
9.29.09 Stottler Henke paper nominated for I/ITSEC 2009 best paper award
7.30.09 US Army awards Stottler Henke contract to develop software for creating virtual training demonstrations
7.14.09 US Air Force awards Stottler Henke a $750,000 contract to develop an after-action review tool for team training
7.10.09 US Army contracts Stottler Henke to develop training for measuring progress in stability and reconstruction operations
2.26.07 Stottler Henke introduces TaskGuide software for creating dynamic "intelligent instructions"
12.4.06 Stottler Henke launches SimVentive toolkit for building "serious games"
5.17.06 U.S. Air Force awards Stottler Henke $750,000 contract to develop intelligent adversary modeling tool to create more accurate battle simulations.
4.19.06 Stottler Henke Wins $2.5 million contract to enhance and extend intelligent tutoring system for U.S. Navy
3.6.06 Stottler Henke advances training of healthcare professionals with new intelligent tutoring systems
11.28.05 U.S. Air Force contracts with Stottler Henke to develop software toolkit for creating computer-based war games
12.7.04 Stottler Henke's SimBionic simulation authoring toolkit receives an Excellence in Learning award from Brandon-Hall
10.6.04 Stottler Henke receives NIH grant to develop nutrition education software for elementary school students
8.2.04 Stottler Henke Associates wins $1.5 million development contract from U.S. Marine Corps
6.22.04 Stottler Henke wins $600,000 NASA contract to develop intelligent tutoring system for teaching earth science to high school and college undergraduate students
3.23.04 Enhanced tool offers game developers faster, more flexible facility to design intelligent behaviors for game characters and entities
2.05.04 Stottler Henke introduces Java technology-based software for visually specifying “smart” behavior in games, simulations, and advisory systems
9.3.03 Stottler Henke introduces first computer-based intelligent tutoring system for adult literacy education
7.17.03 Stottler Henke wins $4 Million Navy contract to enhance PC-Based simulation system for training helicopter cockpit crews
4.8.03 Stottler Henke offers SimBionic and Task Tutor Toolkit software free to U.S. government employees
12.02.02 Stottler Henke introduces first commercial software for visually specifying behavior in computer-based training simulations and games
11.12.02 Stottler Henke introduces software toolkit that simplifies creating scenarios with automated coaching
10.8.01 Department of Defense awards contract to Stottler Henke to develop Socratic tutor for battlefield command reasoning
7.1.00 U.S. Navy awards contract to Stottler Henke to prototype an intelligent tutor system for strike fighter pilots
5.22.00 U.S. Rome Air Force Labs awards contract to Stottler Henke for intelligent coordination and control for immersive wargaming
11.18.99 U.S. Navy extends to the high seas the use of Stottler Henke's intelligent tutoring system for tactics training
11.10.99 U.S. Army and Air Force award contract to Stottler Henke to develop a counter-terrorism intelligent tutoring system
3.31.99 U.S. Air Force awards contract to Stottler Henke for Internet-based intelligent training and authoring systems
3.30.98 NASA awards contract to Stottler Henke to develop intelligent task training software
8.1.97 U.S. Navy awards contract to Stottler Henke for intelligent, tactical training and simulation software

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