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Planning & Scheduling

Stottler Henke's intelligent scheduling systems automatically solve scheduling problems which are too difficult for traditional optimization or dispatch rule techniques. Compared to manual methods, intelligent scheduling lets you create schedules much more quickly, as well as run "what-if" studies to assess alternate scenarios.

Stottler Henke offers intelligent scheduling software products and custom solutions based on its Aurora™ scheduling engine.

Success Stories

Schedule Boeing B787 Factory ProductionThe Boeing Company uses Aurora to prioritize production of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner™. Aurora's dynamic assembly schedule adapts to real-time production variations, so Boeing can produce aircraft as efficiently as possible.  more. Schedule Space Shuttle Preparations and RefurbishingsAurora/AMP generates short- and long-term (10 year) schedules of ground-based activities that prepare and refurbish Space Shuttles before and after each flight. Rapid scheduling enables NASA to analyze numerous what-if scenarios efficiently.   more.
Massachusetts General Hospital uses Aurora to schedule its Medical Residency Aurora is used by the Massachusetts General Hospital to schedule its medical residency program. Aurora reduces the time and effort needed to generate schedules, and provides better support for the hospital's complex staffing needs.  more. NASANASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Aurora schedules the use of floor space and other resources at the Space Station Processing Facility, the world’s largest low-particle clean room where Int'l Space Station components are prepared for flight.  more.
Clipper Wind TurbineClipper Windpower selected Aurora to schedule the manufacturing of its Liberty series wind turbine, the largest wind turbine made in the United States.  more. Crew Exploration VehicleUnited Space Alliance included Aurora in the design of Temporis, a scheduling system targeted for use by NASA crew members on board next generation spacecraft during deep space missions.  more.
Navy CruiserAurora is included in Parmalot, an intelligent acquisition and planning tool for upgrading U.S. Navy weapon systems.  more. Int IFAP supports high-level planning and detailed scheduling of activities performed aboard the International Space Station, using user-specified heuristics and scheduling constraints.  more.

10.25.11 Stottler Henke’s Aurora-CCPM selected as Aviation Week Innovation Challenge finalist
9.6.11 Clipper Windpower selects Aurora software to schedule wind turbine manufacturing
10.19.10 Massachusetts General Hospital selects Aurora software to schedule medical residents
10.0.09 Stottler Henke's Aurora scheduling software featured in Defense Tech Briefs.
3.30.09 U.S. Air Force awards contract to Stottler Henke to develop an intelligent scheduling system for the satellite control network
fall 08 Stottler Henke's Aurora scheduling software featured in MDA Tech Update.
3.14.08 Stottler Henke will present Aurora™ scheduling system at World’s Best Technologies Showcase
5.29.07 Boeing deploys advanced scheduling software developed by Stottler Henke to facilitate assembly of Boeing 787 Dreamliner
1.3.07 NASA showcases Stottler Henke Associates’ intelligent planning & scheduling systems in new video
3.23.06 Stottler Henke to develop software for scheduling astronaut activities aboard next-generation spacecraft.
10.10.03 Stottler Henke introduces first easy-to-configure intelligent planning and scheduling system
8.1.01 U.S. Air Force awards contract to Stottler Henke to develop intelligent planning and scheduling software for next generation satellite clusters

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