Aurora Intelligent Planning & Scheduling System
Aurora™ software generates efficient solutions to mission-critical scheduling problems with complex constraints and resource requirements, quickly and easily. Organizations such as NASA and the Boeing Company rely on Aurora to manage operations more efficiently than is possible using less powerful scheduling systems. (Customer testimonials).

Aurora outperforms conventional software because it uses artificial intelligence technologies to encode and apply extensive scheduling knowledge and rules. In a study conducted by the Boeing company, Aurora managed resources more efficiently than software used by Boeing for almost two decades. When compared to Primavera, Aurora reduced turnaround time by 20%. Compared to Microsoft Project, Aurora's schedules were 30% shorter.

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How Aurora Works

Most systems use simple rules to select and schedule activities and assign resources to carry them out. Often, these schedules are far from optimal.

Aurora solves complex problems more effectively by encoding and applying sophisticated scheduling knowledge and decision-making rules, along with complex constraints and resource requirements. Aurora encodes attributes of individual tasks, groups of tasks, resources, resource sets, and constraints. Aurora's built-in and user-supplied decision rules produce better schedules by considering these attributes at key scheduling decision points such as:

  • determining which task to schedule next,
  • assigning the best time and resources to each task to optimize the overall schedule, and
  • handling situations in which some resources are not available when the task is scheduled.

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Aurora's graphical user interface enables users to enter domain-specific scheduling knowledge and requirements quickly and easily. Interactive graphical displays enable users to visualize and edit the schedule’s resource allocations and temporal relationships among activities. Aurora automatically detects and highlights scheduling problems such as unresolved conflicts.

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Success Stories

Schedule Boeing B787 Factory ProductionThe Boeing Company uses Aurora to prioritize production of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner™. Aurora's dynamic assembly schedule adapts to real-time production variations, so Boeing can produce aircraft as efficiently as possible.  more… Schedule Space Shuttle Preparations and RefurbishingsAurora/AMP generates short- and long-term (10 year) schedules of ground-based activities that prepare and refurbish Space Shuttles before and after each flight. Rapid scheduling enables NASA to analyze numerous what-if scenarios efficiently.   more…
Massachusetts General Hospital uses Aurora to schedule its Medical Residency Aurora is used by the Massachusetts General Hospital to schedule its medical residency program. Aurora reduces the time and effort needed to generate schedules, and provides better support for the hospital's complex staffing needs.  more… NASANASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Aurora schedules the use of floor space and other resources at the Space Station Processing Facility, the world’s largest low-particle clean room where Int'l Space Station components are prepared for flight.  more…
Clipper Wind TurbineClipper Windpower selected Aurora to schedule the manufacturing of its Liberty series wind turbine, the largest wind turbine made in the United States.  more… Crew Exploration VehicleUnited Space Alliance included Aurora in the design of Temporis, a scheduling system targeted for use by NASA crew members on board next generation spacecraft during deep space missions.  more…
Navy CruiserAurora is included in Parmalot, an intelligent acquisition and planning tool for upgrading U.S. Navy weapon systems.  more…

"The precursor version of Aurora is used daily to support major processing and space shuttle launch decisions; to coordinate our launches with those of Russia, Japan, and the European Space Agency; and to determine NASA's launch requirements and flight rates. It enables us to generate complex schedules in a few hours, compared to days or weeks required by our previous scheduling systems."

Tom Overton
NASA Shuttle Processing Manager

Features and Benefits
  • Shortens projects by allocating resources more efficiently.
  • Saves the labor of human schedulers by automating what they do.
  • Enables more robust modeling of scheduling problems, so it can schedule projects automatically that other tools cannot even model.
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Project and Primavera to import, analyze, and export schedules.
  • Provides intelligent conflict resolution.
  • Saves schedule baselines and compares current and baseline schedules.

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