Multi-Project Critical Chain Project Management with Intelligent Scheduling

Aurora-CCPM is a combination of Aurora™, Stottler Henke’s intelligent planning and scheduling system, with the added power and flexibility of Multi-project Critical Chain Project Management.

By using sophisticated scheduling software as the underpinnings for Critical Chain reasoning, Aurora-CCPM can be applied to projects encompassing thousands of heavily constrained tasks and requiring hundreds of different kinds of resources. Giving the Critical Chain method such a solid scheduling basis also allows it to more easily handle complex situations such as new tasks being inserted during the actual plan execution, as well as other radical changes to the situation.

Features and Benefits

By adding Critical Chain Project Management to an already powerful and sophisticated scheduling software, Aurora-CCPM provides two important additional benefits:

  • Better Critical Chain (one that can potentially be worked in less time)
  • More flexibility and an improved ability to accomodate change
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Enterprise Solutions

Aurora-CCPM provides enterprise solutions not otherwise available:

  • Boeing uses Aurora-CCPM because no other product could meet its Critical Chain needs
  • Large-project modeling is possible and more efficient
  • Large multi-project environments can be modeled
  • Short duration critical chain
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