AAAI 2008 Fall Symposium
November 7-9, 2008
Arlington, VA


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Symposium program (pdf), updated 10/28/08

Email chairs at aacc08 at easychair dot org.

Organizing Committee

Alex Davis (co-chair; Stottler Henke)
Jeremy Ludwig (co-chair; Stottler Henke)
[davis or ludwig at stottlerhenke dot com]

David W. Aha (Naval Research Laboratory)
Harold Hawkins (Office of Naval Research)
Lewis Johnson (Tactical Language Training)
Helen Altman Klein (Wright State University)
Michael van Lent (Soar Technology)
Glenn Taylor (Soar Technology)
Abbas K. Zaidi (George Mason University)

The graphics and AI technology in modern simulations and games have brought new gains in realism in the depiction of human behavior. Current systems can represent a good deal of complexity in environment, avatar appearance, and interaction, and inroads are being made into language, cognition, and some aspects of society and culture. Now that large groups of simulated people can inhabit complex environments, with intricate animations and interaction capabilities, it is all the more evident that the behavior of computer-controlled agents fall far short of reality.

In this symposium, we plan to investigate difficulties agents have in operating realistically in social and cultural contexts, and in adapting to changing situations as do real people. The future development of realistic and interesting games in social contexts, and simulations with real predictive power and training efficacy, requires application of more profound conceptions of human behavior.

To this end, presentations and discussion are planned on the following topics: